Shoes - The ultimate objects of desire

Shoes - The ultimate objects of desire

Article by Teresa Bembury, Marketing Director of MyGoTo Brands

Am I the only one whose heart palpitates over seeing nice shoes?

Shoes are one of the objects of my desire - in retrospect, this desire started as a teenager. My sister was into shoes, often, I sneaked to wear them, and when I got caught - it was a literal fight. Inevitably, I figured out how to sneak better. 🙂

A reinforcing inspiration was working as an Ad Designer for Claro Shoes (designer shoes - 5 locations). There I learned a lot about style and type differences. 
For years of designing shoe Ads felt intimate.  I loved it!

The craziest action, in my memory, was purchasing nine pairs of shoes at a NYC sample sale (same day). So much to love, so many choices. 

Today - my craze is under control, but moreover, I will always see shoes as an art piece that closes the deal on your style.

 Shoes in the photo are Dolce & Gabbana. Find them on this site.

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