2022 Summer Fashion Trend - Striking and Bold

2022 Summer Fashion Trend - Striking and Bold

Nostalgia is a big trend for Summer 2022 fashion, so we’re seeing a lot of trends that harken back to the '80s and even earlier. Vivid colors and prints are also huge right now.

2022 is when the true fashion trends will start to form, based on what we are seeing now and what we ultimately choose to wear after two years of loungewear.

We've seen so many trends come and go in the past few years, but what does 2022 have in store for us?

  • Fashion is always evolving, so it's impossible to tell exactly what people will be wearing next year. However, we can look back at what has been popular recently and use that as a guide for our predictions.
  • Trends are based on how people dress now—what they wear, who they wear it with, where they wear it (and when), etc. These factors will ultimately determine how fashion trends develop over time because they reflect what we want out of life: comfortability and self-expression!

You can always tell a true fashionista by their accessories. Headbands, bows and belts are great ways to add personality to your outfit—and if you want to express your personality through clothing, accessories are where it's at! 


Although these three accessories types are now trending this Summer 2022 - I'll say call it a year round classic.

  1. Statement earrings
  2. Hanging necklaces 
  3. Statement rings 

Wearing statement pieces confidently will help show off what makes YOU unique—and maybe even get some people talking about how inspiring it is when someone can be so bold and beautiful.

Dare to Exceed You!



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