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5 Tips That Keep Working Mothers in Style and Their Budgets on Point

Contributing Author: Alyssa Strickland

When it comes to your professional success, presentation matters. Buying fashionable outfits can strain your budget, though, and moms can only stretch so far. The good news is that there are ways you can stay stylish without sacrificing financial stability.

1. Stay Forever In Style with Off-Price Luxury Designer Brands

One of the very best ways to keep a classic on point look is to consider purchasing past-season designer brands items because it comes with deep discounts. The quality, craftsmanship and design of luxury/premium fashions are timeless. Off-price items are not previously owned and are discounted from 30-75% . To some, even at discount, it may still seem pricey, but smart add-ons to your closet will guaranteed that you’ll appreciate the items for years to come. As the saying by Gucci goes “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”.  You may find off-price brands at factory outlet stores in your town, or or e-commerce sites like,,, and new to the luxury e-commerce scene MyGoTo Brands (

Keep in mind that 'Off-Price' shopping is like scavenger hunting. The reason for the deep discount is to make room for new collections.  Stores will create "sale initiatives", afterwards, the leftover inventory is sold in bulk to Outlet channels.  The trade-off of left over supplies are items are limited in inventory and/or size.  If you find something you really love there may be one left (please grab it).  More frequent are clothes to be size XS, XXS, XXL, or shoes size 5, 6, 10.

Whether you’re searching for a Dolce & Gabbana classic dress to impress a new client or want a designer brand sunglasses, by shopping at off-price luxury retailers, you can snag bargains on high fashion without the full designer price tag. Suits, dresses, and separates abound!

Top your ensemble off with key accessories –  like a snazzy statement necklace, pumps with all-day punch, and a crossbody bag for hands-free, after-work errands. You’ll have everything you need to turn heads, whether you’re spending the day at the office or leading a booster club meeting.

2. Stroll Local Second-Hand ShopsConsignment boutiques, thrift stores, and charities are traditional, fun, and inexpensive ways to breathe fresh life into a tired closet. Plus, you participate the second-hand economy, which is kind not only to your wallet but also to our planet. Typically tucked away in business districts, arm yourself with reusable bags and hit the sidewalks. Not only will you be slicing your carbon footprint for the day and ramping up exercise, you’ll take home optimal good feels and good deals.


3. Score Fresh Flair with Vintage Finds

Vintage Clothes Store


Feeling fashion-frisky? For wardrobe additions that are truly unique, take a deep dive into estate and garage sales for vintage apparel. If you’re thinking, “Vintage? Meh, been there, done that,” look at those old-school outfits with fresh eyes and a refit.

As Upstyle points out, having grandpa’s leisure suit restyled to flatter a female figure can mean you’re one hot momma at the office. You might even mix and match those wide lapels (think: silk cami, clunky Mary Janes, and a mini skirt) and flared legs (add a silk tie belt, kitten heels, and a flowy top) for your next networking event – or for parent-teacher conferences.

Flip a garment’s gender, nip, and tuck, and create a fashion go-to for days when you need a lift. Or disassemble a few pairs of jeans, then Frankenstein them for show-stopping patchwork pants. Think outside the box on this one! Not a sewer? Hire a local tailor or connect with specialty shops.

4. For Second-Hand Success, Be Ready to Bargain

Ahh, the thrill of the hunt…it can only be topped by the natural high you get when you’re negotiating the price on a spotless Gucci clutch at a yard sale. Take small bills with you because, as Apartment Therapy notes, cash is a a powerful bargaining tool. Ideally, you will also plan your route ahead of time. Hit neighborhood-wide sales, and try to be there very early and/or very late in the day. By strategizing in advance, you’re more likely to make the most of each shopping opportunity – and each penny you spend.


5. Turn Shopping Savvy into Business Profits

There is money to be made in the world of fashion, and why shouldn't you be the one to make it? Your own side gig is a great way to double-dip on the perks of bargain hunting. Are you an especially smart shopper? If you’re a pro at sniffing out the hottest of second-hand deals, you might want to turn your talent towards reselling. Maybe you’re restyling castoffs into trendy, tailored trappings, or perhaps you’re ready to broadcast sewing or styling tips via social media. Turn your fashion savvy into financial success! Then take the money you earn and spend it on your next outfit, reinvest it in your new biz, or set it aside for Junior’s college fund. The possibilities are endless!

Stretching your dollars is so last year. Instead, make your money stand up, dance, and do tricks! Do some second-hand shopping, bring new life to a few vintage pieces, and add some deeply discounted luxury items to your wardrobe via MyGoTo Brands. Not only can you look fabulous when you’re meeting clients, teachers, and coworkers, you can stretch your family budget – and if you’re feeling a side hustle coming on, you might even turn a profit in the end.


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