Fashion Legend Feature Designer: Gaby Aghion of Chloé

Fashion Legend Feature Designer: Gaby Aghion of Chloé

Chloe is a French fashion house founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952. For 70 years, Chloé has been synonymous with effortless elegance. The brand was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, who wanted to create a label that would allow her friends to dress in high-quality fashion without the wait that was common at couture houses. She chose the name of her new label after a friend who embodied this concept of delicate glamour, and set out to create the most aesthetically distinct line of garments that had ever been seen.

The silhouettes of her designs were unique in their effortless wearability; they were different from long skirts and dresses that were common at the time.
Her first show took place at the iconic Café de Flore in 1956; soon after, Chloé began to flourish.

Today, Jacques Lenoir steps in as business manager while Aghion focuses her efforts on design. Aghion's goal is always to emulate the mystique of youthfulness and femininity in everything she does – whether it's designing new collections for women who want to feel like beautiful butterflies or launching collaborations with other designers like Karl Lagerfeld or Nicolas Ghesquière.

The eccentric nature of Chloé was further driven by Karl Lagerfeld. Working under Aghion from a young age, Lagerfeld was appointed creative director in 1966. His creations featured billowing shirts paired with flowy skirts, elevating the bohemian style of the sixties and seventies to meet high-end. The clothing he sent down the runway had a magical ebb and flow which went on to form Chloé’s identity.

Chloe's founder Gaby Aghion believed that women should be able to wear their clothes with ease and grace – no matter what shape or size they were. This philosophy continues today as Chloe continues to create pieces designed specifically with women in mind.

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